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.  (In-Bond Processing and CBP Form 7512 Preparation)
8. Importing Gloassary
9. ISF Gloassary
10. Helpful Guide to Importing

11. Check to see if your are importing Anti Dumping (ADD)  and
.      Countervailing (CVS) items (click here)
12. IMPORT:  Look-up/Search Engine Duty/Tax: HTC/HTS/Harmonized
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14. US Customs Exam & other US Government agencies (
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1. ISF 10+2 (Importer Security Filing)  /   (click here)

2. US Ports  Contact.

3. Air Forwarders by Air Forwarders Association.

4. Ocean Freight Forwarder: Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)

5. Filing a Complaint Freight Forwarder/NVOCC/ etc  with

6. US Government Agencies /

7. For more links to import, export & etc.  Industry.

8. Basic Importing by .

9. You're  BOUND to Incoterms (PRE-Arranged, BEFORE leaving foreign port)

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