Continuous Bond Application

Continuous Bond application (aka Continuous Customs Bond). For Non-resident / Foreign company applying for Bond, contact us by Phone, Email or filing the Continuous Bond Application Form in this page. Bond's are REQUIREMENT by Customs, for all Importer (Single ISF Bond and Single Entry Bond), Vessel / Carrier (Loader/Unloader), Forwarder (Issuer BL and AN).

continuous bond application

Organizations who routinely import products into the United States will profit significantly from a continuous bond. More practical and proficient than a single entry bond for regular shippers/importers, a continuous bond permits you to import every now and again and through different ports of entry. A continuous bond is legitimate until one of the signing parties - the shipper/importer or the surety - drops it.

The CBP can likewise drop it. The bond naturally renew if not dropped. At the point when you acquire a continuous bond, you'll be paying 10% of the charges/fees, duties, and taxes paid as a merchant/importer during the most recent year. This implies that, as opposed to a fixed expense, the estimation of your bond will change every year or every 12months. No CBP bond can be worth under $100 except if pertinent guidelines explicitly permit it. contact with us in case you're stressed over the amount of your bond.

Most of the candidate for a continuous bond are:

  1. Business do importing more than twice a year
  2. International carriers regularly travelling in and out of the United States
  3. Anyone who does business with the Customs Border Protection (CBP) on a regular basis
  4. Anyone who imports through multiple ports
parties involved in continuous bond application

There are 3 involved parties in this continuous bond:

  1. The Surety Company that issues the bond
  2. The principal / consignee / importer who is required to file this bond
  3. U.S Customs and Border Protection

The continuous bond application is automatically renewed every year if it is not canceled unless it is terminated by one of the three parties involved.