Customs Bond Renewal: You Should Know

International/Worldwide shipping can gotten to be a bother in case you're not mindful of all the prerequisites required to dispatch your products. A Customs bond is required for importing products surpassing $2500 worth of commercial value. Knowing the contrasts between single entry bond and continuous bonds can assist you choose on the correct bond for your specific situation.

If your company ships as often as possible, continuous bonds are more cost effective. They are a annually settled rate that cover all your shipments, but be beyond any doubt they do terminate after the year is done! The final thing you need to deal with is your shipments being stuck at Customs since you overlooked to renew your bond. Perused on to get it the customs bond renewal process.

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Meanwhile, let's go over Bond Renewal that you should know.

Bond Renewal: What to know

Continuous bonds ordinarily fetched 10% of obligations, charges, and expenses paid annually to Customs with a least of $50,000 in cargo commercial value. Once you buy the bond, it ought to be filled out, recorded with US Customs, and acknowledged by a bond company. The most straightforward way to induce a bond is through your Customs broker or freight forwarder. They will oversee all the documents like those paper works and make beyond any doubt to advise you on upcoming bond renewal payments. Depending on the way you take to renew your bond, you'll be able save yourself pointless steps and get conceivable rebates.

In the time that you renew the bond

When your bond is near to terminating/expiring, you may get a renewal invoice months before the expiry date. Your freight forwarder or Customs Broker will make beyond any doubt you're informed on the payment due date. It is required to claim a Customs bond when bringing in merchandise to the US to hold companies responsible to pay obligations. Overlooking to renew a bond can gotten to be inconvenient for companies habitually importing to the US. Luckily, numerous Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers offer a choice for multi-year installment plans on bond renewals. Depending on the company, they offer 2,3, or indeed 5 a long time of installments in progress for renewals. They will recharge/renew your bond naturally each year so you'll be able skip the penalties and headaches of paying annually. Besides, numerous forwarders and brokers offer rebates for multi-year installment plans.


Customs Bonds are one of numerous costs related with International/worldwide shipping. Managing with bond renewal each year can ended up exasperating. Having the alternative of multi-year installments plans from your forwarder or broker can make the method easier. Make beyond any doubt you're working with a freight forwarder or Customs broker who can offer assistance cut a few of your shipping costs and donate you the leading choice for renewing your bonds.

If you want to renew your bond or having a any question regarding a customs bond, feel free to contact ISF Customs Broker.